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Vietnam Tua Chua - Green Tea

Vietnam Tua Chua - Green Tea

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70g pack

From the remote mountainous Tua Chua District in northwest Vietnam, the leaves of this rarity come from old wild tea trees that grow to around 10m high.
Well rounded and grassy with a slightly sweet earthy finish.


green tea*, *from organic cultivation

Brewing Instructions

Amount per cup: 1 small teaspoonful
Brew time: 1-3mins
Water temperature: 75-80°C

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  • Brewing Green Tea

    Use about 1 level teaspoon per cup (adjust according to taste).

    Add water that is around 75-80°C.

    Allow to brew for 1-3 mins and be careful not to over brew.

  • Green teas are very sensitive to water temperature. If the tea is infused with water that is too hot it will be rather bitter and display a slight 'metallic' taste. Get the water temperature correct and discover the true delights of green tea. 

    We recommend that for most green teas water temperature should be around 75°C to 80°C. In practical terms this means allowing the kettle to cool down for about 4-5 minutes after it has switched itself off from boiling... YES! AS LONG AS THIS!!

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