Your choice of teas and teaware

Build A Gift Box

Discover our bespoke gift boxes with tea selections for every taste and infusers or teaware items to suit your budget.

The perfect present for family or friends or the ideal way to say thank you to staff or clients.

Surprise the tea lover in your life.

What's going in yours?


  • 1. First add THE BOX to your box (if you see what we mean!)

    Then click NEXT

  • 2. Choose Your Teaware

    Pick one of our popular items of teaware: It could be a simple stainless steel infuser or one of our popular teapots or mug infusers in a wide range of colours.

    Then click NEXT

  • 3. Choose Your Teas

    Now the fun begins! You need to select four of our Tea Taster Gift Tins - there are around 90 to choose from!
    You can filter the teas by 'Collection' and you can search by name too to help make the decision process easier... we hope!

    Then click NEXT

  • 4. Add A Gift Tag & Message

    Enter your greeting and personal message to the recipient, if required, that we will print and place inside the box.

    Then click COMPLETE ... It's done!

What's Going
In Yours?