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Hastings Breakfast Brew

Hastings Breakfast Brew

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125g pack

Our own hand-blended full strength, full flavoured breakfast tea. A great mouthful of bold, malty, spicy character with good balanced tannin levels.

Great with a dash of milk. The perfect brew, all day long! 


Black tea

Brewing Instructions

Amount per cup: 1 rounded teaspoonful
Brew time: 4-6mins
Water temperature: 100°C

Country of Origin

India, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Kenya

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  • Brewing Black Tea

    Use about 1 rounded teaspoon per cup (adjust according to taste).

    Add water that is around 100°C.

    Allow to brew for 3-5 mins (or as recommended on pack label) and be careful not to over brew.

  • Black tea is the tea most people think of when we say 'tea'. English Breakfast or some such tea that is very often enjoyed with milk or sugar. 

    Black tea starts its life just like green tea with leaves from a varietal of the Camellia Sinensis shrub but unlike green or white teas it goes through a process of oxidation that is when the leaf changes to the darker brown we all recognise and takes on those darker characteristics.

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