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Hojicha Japanese Roasted Green Tea

Hojicha Japanese Roasted Green Tea

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50g pack

Hojicha is made from late summer Bancha leaves, which are roasted to give them a smooth, warm, nutty flavour. Lower tannins and caffeine than some other green teas makes this a great late evening tea. Great with oriental food.


green tea

Brewing Instructions

Amount per cup: 1 small teaspoonful
Brew time: 1-3mins
Water temperature: 75-80°C

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  • Brewing Green Tea

    Use about 1 level teaspoon per cup (adjust according to taste).

    Add water that is around 75-80°C.

    Allow to brew for 1-3 mins and be careful not to over brew.

  • Green teas are very sensitive to water temperature. If the tea is infused with water that is too hot it will be rather bitter and display a slight 'metallic' taste. Get the water temperature correct and discover the true delights of green tea. 

    We recommend that for most green teas water temperature should be around 75°C to 80°C. In practical terms this means allowing the kettle to cool down for about 4-5 minutes after it has switched itself off from boiling... YES! AS LONG AS THIS!!

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