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Verbena & Spearmint

Verbena & Spearmint

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50g pack

Herby lemon and citrus combine with the softer, fresh taste of spearmint to produce a fresh flavoured and enlivening herb tea.


verbena, spearmint

Brewing Instructions

Amount per cup: 1 teaspoonful
Brew time: 3-5mins
Water temperature: 100°C

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  • Brewing Herb Tea

    Use about 1 heaped teaspoon per cup (adjust according to taste).

    Add boiling water.

    Allow to brew for 5-8 mins (or as recommended on pack label).

  • Herb and spice teas can provide a number of health benefits and like fruit teas most contain no caffeine. Some herb teas are great when you want to chill out and relax whilst others can deliver a bit of a lift when you feel you want an energy boost.

    But most important of all... they taste fantastic!

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