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Glass Mug & Infuser with Bamboo Lid

Glass Mug & Infuser with Bamboo Lid

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It's big! It's bold! You can see it all! Really appreciate the full beauty and colour of your tea when you brew using glass.

The PTC Glass Mug & Infuser is an elegant 450ml borosilicate glass mug with snug fitting glass infuser and topped off with a beautiful bamboo wood lid (with stainless steel and silicon lining).

There's nothing quite like watching the leaves unfurl and, as the Chinese say, "dance in the cup" as the colour of the tea reveals itself.

And remember, this mug is large but you don't always have to fill it! Sometimes a half-full cup is just as pleasurable.

Oh, and the lid can be upturned to act as a drip tray for the infuser when you remove it.

Dishwasher safe. 450ml

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